Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Shy Goddess, Shakespeare & Kali: Her Flowering Mind

In preparation for reading with Diane Wood, Beth Buchanan, Shauna Paull at the opening of Pandora's Toy Box this evening, I've been looking again at images of The Shy Goddess, all Lotus Head and Sexual Body: Her Flowering Mind...

Desdemona (Durga)

he came at me in a fierce rage
i felt a small crack open in my
forehead, Kali
burst forth and struck him
a fierce blow
and he was felled
Kali continued
moving about the scene
devouring men high and low
and then
i said, stop.
Not the shaper.

her eyes strayed toward Emilia
and again
i said, stop.
with the place now cleared
but for the four left standing
Kali returned to slip inside
my head
i went to the cupboard
for rags and salt
i opened the closet
for the mop and bucket
started running cold water

No idea what Iago or Emilia
will do with themselves, but
a woman needs to keep her
attention on what she herself
needs to do: every good bloodbath
must be followed by a scrub and rinse,
a home is not a battlefield after all

The Shy Goddess: Lotus & Mother

Characters in the poem: Iago, Desdemona, Emilia, Kali, Durga, 
The play, Othello, in full.

Organ Pipes National Park photo, & poem, by Joanne Arnott
Poem was originally published in The New Chief Tongue #8, Laurel Reed Books 

Quote & related "Love Commandos" link, gift of Badruddin Gowani via Globeistan
Sarojini Sahoo, an interesting conversation, Sense & Sensuality

Shy Goddess images from the web, with resonance
For more about The Shy Goddess see Aditi, Lajja Gauri

Thanks to AHA Media for images of Diane Wood's creations & the opening last night.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Autumn Festivities: VIWF & Heart of the City


66 Emerge

Sun, Oct 24, 4:00pm
Waterfront Theatre
This afternoon is the launch of emerge 2010, the annual anthology from Simon Fraser University's Writer’s Studio. It provides a tantalizing taste of new work from those who have participated in the Studio this year. Come and hear from new voices in our midst — 25 new writers who span 3 generations and who write in the genres of non-fiction, poetry, fiction and lyric prose.
Ivan Antoniw, Claire Beaudette, Cullene Bryant, Madeleine Butler, Esmeralda Cabral, Karim Elsharkawi, Xanthe Faulkner, James Gates, Kagan Goh, Chris Hellewell, Jennifer Irvine, Bruce Leighton, Toni Levi, Laurie Ann Melnychuk, Edward Parker, Jocelyn Pitsch, Caroline Purchase, Claire Rawson, Greg Robinson, Meaghan Rondeau, Renee Saklikar, Kerry Sandomirsky, Betty Spinks, Rossa Sung, Peggy Trendell-Jensen

As editor of the emerge 2010 anthology, I'll be taking part in the launch this afternoon, on Granville Island.


Heart of the City:
Opening Reception
Saturday October 30, 7pm-9pm
Lolo’s Café, 611 Alexander
Exhibition October 30 to December 24

Why is the Bad Girl always blamed for the evils of the world? An exhibit of new artwork by Diane Wood—mixed media painting, collages and dolls from the dark side—exposes the unspeakable danger that lurks in little Pandora’s childhood playthings. Diane is a DTES resident, poet, community activist and gardener. ‘Hope’ you can join us on Opening Night for a poetry reading with Diane, Shauna Paull, Joanne Arnott and Beth Buchanan. Thanks to Lolo and Chef a la Carte. Regular business hours at Lolo’s are Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm. Everyone welcome. Free

Images of activist & poet Stephen Lytton grace the Heart of the City promotions this year.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Playing For Change | Celebration of Music

Playing For Change | I've Got Dreams To Remember
A new release from Playing For Change, one of my favourite Otis Redding offerings done justice, and a few pix from my trip to Australia and New Zealand, with warm thanks to the new friends and family that kept the weeks warm and full. Special thanks to Carole & Melissa!

Photos of shells & flowers by Joanne, photos of shore & beach by Alastair Campbell.

Coming up: Celebration of Music

Friday, October 22 7-9pm

Native Education College
285 East 5th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.

CD Launch and Celebration
Tzo'kam will host a celebration of music with the launch of two CD's, one by Tzo;kam and the other by Russell Wallace. Both CDs are compilations with some new recordings.
Tzo'kam - "Today is a Good Day" looks back at the recordings of a family group which was started by Flora Wallace back in 1997. The group continues to carry on the tradition of singing songs in the St̕át̕imc language.
"Neo-Nativisms 1989-2009" - Russell Wallace looks at the music by Russell Wallace composed for theatre, dance and film over the last 20 years and includes some new recordings by different artists.

There will be some singing and performances by the artists that evening. There will also be catering by Kanata Cuisine.

This event is free and has been supported by the First Peoples Heritage, Language and Culture Council.

For more information please contact Russell Wallace at 604-444-0011 or by email at