Monday, 24 January 2011

1992: turtle love

Taipei bicycle (1992)
rooftop investigations (1992)

Where were you in 1992?

I was in Taipei with my two eldest sons & their dad. Dad was studying Mandarin language, mom was working for the professors at the Institute of Oceanography.

I wrote a lot of poems that I never published, and I learned new ways to pray.

I took a lot of photographs, too.

rooftop living (1992)

My memory is of riding the bus

in an endless traffic jam

home to school, school to work, work to school, school to home

pocked with wondrous moments

noticing how different people do things differently
how much more child-friendly seemed the Taiwanese way of doing things

second home (1992)

the poetry of naming:
Dragon's Pillow (1992)

Taipei topiary (1992)

these endless workers,
parents of the very young

Taipei topiary (turtle love)

Photographs by Joanne Arnott, with the exception of "second home"
by Brian W. Campbell


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