Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Upstream: Salish Seas Celebration

Upstream~ This song was composed by Russell Wallace for "The River Home" project in Banff in 1996. The video images are from a transit ride on Hastings street in Vancouver in February 2011.~ Russell Wallace.~
Salish Seas Celebration~ all welcome!
Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast presents

Salish Seas: an anthology of text + image

+ workshops, readings, + an art show @ Gallery Gachet

show curated by Tania Willard

Opening night photos by Michelle Sylliboy
visual art contributors~

 Sonny Assu                         Janice Toulouse

Merritt Johnson                  Dionne Paul
Kevin McKenzie                 Kelly Roulette
Duncan Murdoch               Charlene Vickers
joAnne Noble                      Tania Willard
Michelle Sylliboy                Cease Wyss
                        Kamala Todd

closing event, reading + book launch Saturday
February 26th 6pm
88 East Cordova Street Vancouver

the book~ text contributors~
      edited by Joanne Arnott, introductions by 
                                  Tania Willard & Rita Wong
Men’s Fire
 Chief William K’HHalserten Sepass (1841-1943)

Wil George
Garry Thomas Morse
Chris Bose
Garry Gottfriedson
Richard Wagamese
Larry Nicholson
Theo Campbell
Gregory Coyes
Harper Campbell
Michael Blackstock
Russell Wallace

Women’s Fire
 Vera Manuel, Kulilu Palki (1948-2010)

Nicola Campbell
Janet Rogers
Michelle Sylliboy
Kat Norris
Wanda John Kehewin
Tia Rae Hoppington-Scott
Gunargie O’Sullivan
Sandy Scofield
Kelly Roulette
Iiwaans Tsaanuu
Eden Robinson
Lee Maracle

Final day of workshops~
Gallery Gachet ~88 E Cordova~ pay-as-you-can
10 am ~ 1:30 pm Russell Wallace
1:30 pm ~ 4:30 pm Wil George

Wil George conducting poetry workshop
Wil to Write
Workshop photos by Arlene Bowman

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