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Poetry From & For Japan

Haiga 539 Ui Togen Haiku

Haiga 535 Natsume Soseki haiku

Haiga 533 Funeral haiga

Haiga 552 Suzuki Masajo haiku


poem 4 j pan

i can feel the cold like cement on my skin.
there are worried people hacking their brains silly

feeling the pain right down to th                             bones

scratching their heads.

we can all pretend; but eventually we will have to move.
move up yonder
into the hills
far far away from the ocean

into the hills i run

Gunargie O'Sullivan

Basho's journey & Nuclear Plant

One Thousand Cranes            

Someone set sail one thousand cranes
last night in the spirit world of amethyst dreams.
Someone wished the sun to kiss your cheeks
and opalescent moon beams to paint
light in the darkness so you never lose your way.

Someone dreamt of a painted sea turtle,
last night who knew one thousand secrets
who was the keeper of the door way to the
spirit world that sits on the oceans edges-- he said.

Someone wished for you last night
an orchard of cherry blossoms
dancing gracefully in the wind
reminding you to be gentle and kind
to yourself and never forget
to dance in the wind as cherry blossoms
soar in warm winds, dance with them
just be and remember me-- they said.

Someone dreamt of you in the spirit world
last night in a valley of fuchsia baby azaleas
and a white camellia in your hair
reminding you to patiently wait for the
sea turtles secrets at the edge of the ocean.

Someone wished for you last night
one thousand cranes to guide you to them
in the twilight and astral of your sleep--
They say when sorrow is too great
they do not want to come too soon
for you may never want to leave
the dream world-- And so they wait
at the edge of your dreams with love
resonating, encompassing you, for love
has no timeline and reaches beyond
the edges of the human sorrow.

Someone whispered to you last night,
you will dream of them on a white
Manchurian crane when you are ready
to let their essence into the light
and finally smile when you think of them;
place blue bells in the lightest room
to remind you of how grateful
they were to know you and love you.
Place lavender under your pillow
for tender dreams where loved ones meet
And we will fold one thousand cranes
in a field of flowering sweet pea flowers
and budding zinnia and we will let soar
one thousand cranes over a thousand dreams
above our temporary goodbye
and we will have wished someone else
peace, love, strength, light in the darkness--
And one thousand cranes...


My thanks to haiga artist & blogger Kunihara Shimizu, for his kind permission to share his haiga & map of Basho's journey & the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. "I am a haiga (haiku painting) artist. A priest of Tenrikyo. The advisor of World Haiku Association, and the judge of WHA Haiga Contest. Living in Japan, near a city called Nara." All images are from his blog: please follow the links and read his thoughts shared in relation to these, and many other, haiga. see haiku here: all about haiku and artwork

My thanks also to my friends, poets Gunargie O'Sullivan 
& Wanda John Kehewin, of BC,
for kind permission to share their poems with you. These are just two of the many fine poems shared at the Friends Across the Pacific gathering.

For compassionate reflections on the Kobe quake by Alberta poet Anna Sewell, please visit her blog, here.

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Kim said...

These haiga are lovely and the poems very moving. Thanks for posting this, Joanne. Important to locate beauty within tragedy - the redemptive power of poetry and art.

Kim Goldberg