Monday, 2 May 2011

Right To Vote + coast to coast video roast

by Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey
Produced by: Potlotek Youth and Potlotek Student Council
George Marshall
Liza Isaac
Nancy Vega
Gail Marshall
Mary S. Lafford
Charles Johnson 

Harper Government 3 A political satire of the 2011 Canadian Election with nods to the HTC Evo vs IPhone4 video.  by ABrainification

Harper Government 3 - Part 2 Second part of the popular political satire of the 2011 Canadian Election  by JSDufresne123 |

Canadian First Nations Right To Vote

uploaded by bulldogger

Vote mob Winnipeg : Bringing the vote "Back to Winnipeg" youth

by Iamnotamessiah 

Footage from Winnipeg youth Vote mob at the University Of Winnipeg April 27th, 2011. On May 2nd, vote.
Footage from Rick Mercer, George Strombolopolous, Mr Lahey, and the Youth who came out to support the vote.
Gotta Thank Mr.Lahey for his Jager bomb offer, too
Music "Back to Winnipeg" By Fatblueman ( Japanese group with a Frontman originally from Winnipeg... Based on the lyrics, I think he misses this Great city. Makes me wonder if he misses our political system which is in need of some change, too) - the song is open source, creative commons.

Canada: take back democracy

This election could finally stop Harper, but our votes are split across the opposition parties.
by avaazcanada

Trying to get Steve out of my life... 
I notice that there are many, many more videos on the same topic.  Canadian women breaking up with Stephen Harper.  Let’s hope so.
 Kate Nonesuch

What is truth in an election campaign? Reality Check by Ira Basen

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