Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Youth have a Voice!

Ricky by Slave Labour
Youth Have a Voice!

Youth have been invited to occupy the seats of municipal power, and to raise their voices!

Richmond City Council Chamber
 Enjoy spoken word, 
poetry, story & song by

·  Patrika McEvoy (MC) · 
  ·   Victor Thompson · 

· Vanessa Yip ·
·  Theo Campbell  · 
·   Monty Benton · 
 ·  Jenna Xiang ·   
  · Yilin Wang ·

  · Jonathon Todd ·
 · Josh Sigurdson ·

Sunday May 8th
1 to 4 pm
Richmond City Hall Council Chambers
6911 No. 3 Road 

Jess-a-boo by Slave Labout

To download a map of venues and locations of all of Richmond's Doors Open events, May 7 & May 8, click here!

We were looking forward to hosting Pavel Ganapolsky performing spoken word: 

Science fiction
a haphazard medley
sometimes I feel too awkward 
keeping my feet ahead 
of one another

I gotta count my steps
and cross my arms
'cause my hands are cold
and can't sway like they should

I'm putting my hands
in my pockets
presenting my hands for you
prescribing yours
to cure the void in my
dry, cracked scales

Confirmed reptilian
robotic with the movements
how smooth these alien-like features could really be

Can you stand these slates
my crisp hands
to be beside your soft
sultury- STOP!

I'm shapeshifting
showing you what I can really be

I'm a man with a heart
beating robotically
trying to be someone
different for everyone

With you,
I can be my true self
with rough, white skin
and sharp, cat-like eyes
hiding nothing
just me
my awkward
non-human self
 - We Can Be A Conspiracy by Pavel Ganapolsky
alas he can't join us, but you can listen to him sing on myspace

Pavel Ganapolsky, 18, born and raised in Richmond, BC. He organizes local band nights at South Arm Community Center and has been doing so since 2009. He enjoys writing as well as performing. This will be the first time he has performed spoken word.   

Presented by Richmond Writers Group
in Partnership With Doors Open Richmond 2011 &
The City of Richmond.

Thanks to Fiona Tinwei Lam for these links to BC Elders & Youth Poetry Projects!

 Images of Richmond youth by Slave Labour ~ see top of side panel for two of his new songs

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