Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Signing Ceremony, NAD, FN101 & human rights

Carl Ray, "Communication"
I attended the signing of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement for my school district today-- BC School District #38 (Richmond). I was involved at the early stages of the four year process, but pulled out eventually.  It was good to attend the ceremony, see friends and strangers on stage, signing together: touched by the prayers, song, dancing.

Coming to agreement is an accomplishment, and I give thanks to the many who put hours, thought, and heart into the process.

I remember an observation made in "Closing the Loop-holes," the Senate Standing Committee's report on Land Claims Agreements-- that First Nations governments tended to see the agreement as like a marriage-- how shall we live together?-- while the federal and provincial governments tended to see them more like a divorce-- let's just get this over with!

I sincerely hope that this marks a ceremonial beginning to an ever-improving relationship. My thanks to all who have had a hand and voice in guiding and shaping the agreement. 

Hope your day has also been a good one!
Happy human rights, eh?

Image from here/Check it out:  National Aboriginal Day: Indian Group of Seven (daily art fix)

from radio3 CBC blog: credit which artist, please?

"First Nations 101 is an easy to read primer on First Nations issues (First Nations, Inuit, Metis, Aboriginal) which provides readers with a broad overview of the diverse and complex lives of First Nations people. It is packed with info on more than 70 subjects including veterans, youth, child welfare, urbanization, appropriate questions to ask a First Nations person, feminism, the medicine wheel, Two-spirit (LGBTQ), residential schools, the land bridge theory, language preservation, and National Aboriginal History Month. 

"Author Lynda Gray endeavours to leave readers with a better understanding of the shared history of First Nations and non-First Nations people. Ultimately she calls upon all of us - individuals, communities, and governments - to play active roles in bringing about true reconciliation between First Nations and non-First Nations people.

"Lynda is a member of the Tsimshian Nation from Lax Kw'alaams, on the northwest coast of BC. She is the proud mother of two adult children and is the Executive Director of the Urban Native Youth Association.

"Please join us for our launch on Monday June 27 from 5:30-8pm at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre at 1607 East Hastings Street"

source/further info: http://www.firstnations101.com/


School District #38 (Richmond) Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement can be viewed here:


Anonymous said...

the artist of the print inside of the drum is Bill Reid. i don't know who drew the drum kit.

Joanne Arnott said...

Thank you, Anon!