Wednesday, 15 June 2011

that fish (fly fishing)

Man in Fish Weir, Pudlo Pudlat

year after year and season after season
i weave wood to wood through water
a few fresh branches
i pull out
when the time is right
i rely upon the power of my weir

that fish that fish that fish
that maddening glint in the far stream sunlit waters
i pull out my heart in a mad moment thrown
all across the continent
that which was one is now two, and separate

that fish that fish that fish that fish
give it back! i seethe, pacing the banks of the rush river impatiently
pass! pass! pass it back, damn it, pass
worry about heartless behaviour, and how
to re-unite the whole two sides of what
should not have ever been broken.

that fish, that damn fish

twelve seasons have passed
he is three years older, two
thousand miles closer
than he was.
am i satisfied? not
by a long shot~

that heart is mine.

(c) joanne arnott

image:  Pudlo Pudlat, Man in Fish Weir    1961  60.9 x 36.6 cm   stonecut on laid japan paper link to National Gallery of Canada
Pudlo Pudlat (Pudlo), (February 4, 1916 at Kamadjuak Camp, Baffin Island, Canada, - December 28, 1992 at Cape Dorset More about the artist: here

"Weir Fishing"

In the weir method of fishing, rigid poles are driven into the mud bottom in a heart-shaped configuration. A straight line of poles is then placed from the shoreline to the weir. This line acts as a barrier to the fish, which follow it into the weir. Once inside, they become disoriented and swim in circles...   link to word & image source

Ohotaq works on his drawing of a fish weir
Ann's drawing of Ohotaq Mikkigak.
 Images from The Guild Shop blog,  "Ann and Blandina in Kinngait (Cape Dorset)

MOVIE Fishing at the Stone Weir  NFB

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