Thursday, 16 June 2011

Theo Campbell @ The Gallery Gachet

From the Salish Seas readings, Feb 2011

Just Business

A message of oppression
From your modern day messiahs!
First, a thank you for
Your thankless role
As our day time pariahs,

And a condemnation for your reservation
About our observations on the continuation
Of the deterioration of the situation
Regarding interracial relations within big business corporations
And bourgeois organizations;

We shall proceed with our compartmentalization,
Degradation, and relegation of you lesser folk,
So please watch with feelings of disassociation
As we continue our stratification,
And see our regulation and criminalization of
Your protestations against our legislation;

Furthermore, I'm happy to report
That our invitalization of your demonization
Has reached its completion, and our
Capitalization on this position is to proposition
The puppet opposition to come to
A decision ending in your derision
And ultimate eradication.


(c) Theo Campbell

It's always a pleasure to talk poetry with Theo, or to listen to his rippling rhymes that arise from his "contemplating ethics/in my pool of poetics."  His name has appeared on this blog a number of times-- he is my son, seventeen, blossoming as a performing poet this year.

In the last six months, he participated in the Salish Seas readings (first of which is posted above), several World Poetry and Richmond Writers Group events, Richmond Education Week at Lansdowne Mall and the  High School Slam at Cafe du Soleil (McMath team), and yesterday's Car-Free Festival on Denman Street (Vancouver). He participated in the Youth Panel at the recent International Poetry Festival in Richmond, and became a World Poetry Youth Ambassador at that time.


This is a deep and wondrous road
Full of jailhouse junkies
And dead heads desperate for
Death and destruction.

The dead ends are endless,
The pitfalls perilous and ever present.
And always, hanging over my head
Like another nightmare fueled disease

Is an ongoing melancholy
A sorrow and sadness that presses down
But on this deep and wondrous road
Lies hope and love

Heroes and poets
Star filled nights and moon filled skies.
The dreams of a dream that never dies.

(c) Theo Campbell

Monty Benton photo, Nov 11 2010

 Theo describes himself this way:
“Theo Campbell is an awkward yet unabashed anatopism who has spent much of his 17 years acting in an ill advised and intellectually dubious manner, making a habit of barefoot vagabonding with bohemians and hooligans whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Being born and raised in Richmond BC, he is happy to call it his home and a major influence on his writing; having recentlygotten two poems published in the Salish Seas Anthology, he’d like to think of his forays into poetry as an early late start to something he’s wanted to do for some time.”
from Featured Poets, World Poetry

I was interested in the word "anatopism" ~ like an anachronism, but out of place, rather than out of time.

Making himself at home in the world may be a path of much beauty, balancing perspicacity with empathic absorption, ranging wide and delving deep.

September 2011 update:
Saint Rasselas' Channel 

Images by me, original photo taken at Iona Beach
Poems by Theo

The video was posted to youtube by thegallerygachet, and I'm hoping to find the names of videographer/editor before posting the full & lovely sequence of opening night Salish Seas artists: thanks for the beautiful work!

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