Sunday, 10 July 2011

be the world!

Some mornings you get up and the sun is so faint...
I had some tea, you know, I always do. But when I sit in the shadowy sunlight I feel like I can be the world.
~ Harper Campbell, Harpertown Cafe

Harper on Hornby Island

Your brother wanted to mount a parade, to sing out to all of our waiting neighbours: a child is born.  
 A community gives birth to itself, and we rest in its arms.

~ from Homebirth, Joanne Arnott

Elijah Harper & (baby) Harper Campbell*

The night was beautiful. There were these things in the sea called "phospheresences" that glowed and sparkled if you agitated the water. And the sky was so filled with stars! At around one I walked back with my co-worker who I had come to know better over the course of the night. It is so beautiful, to walk in silence in the depth of night, tall sillhouettes of trees and expansive darkness.
~ Birthday, Hornby

Katimavik Crew @ Juniper Ridge BC, 2009

I am tired - work is hard! And I did not sleep well last night. you know. So, pictures of days gone by.

Hot kitchens
You work, you work, chop chop
Eight'o'clock collapse.
~ Untitled, Hornby

*With Elijah Harper at the Mission Pow Wow: photo by Brian Campbell.

Hard to believe twenty years have passed since this pic was taken: the baby in the picture turns 21 today: the quotes & Hornby pic from his 2008 blogs, a pivotal year in morphing from child to man.

Happy b~day!

Update:  Katimavik Crew photo published 12 April 2012, Montreal Gazette: details,

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