Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gaza Flotilla + Compassion

"There is an unwritten rule that Aboriginal people in Canada should not take our grievances with Canada outside of national borders. Most of us have grown up to respect the principle of "keeping it in the family," so to speak. Voluntarily agreeing to not think and act internationally creates boundaries that restrict our own understanding of colonialism and the political mechanics that continue to undermine Aboriginal self-determination. Ignoring the suffering that colonialism brings to others will only prolong our own.

"This month, I will be joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, an international fleet of seven ships delivering food, construction and medical supplies to the besieged people of Palestine. I am not going as a representative of my First Nation community or any organization. This was a personal decision after discussion with and support from my family. We recognize that the people of Palestine have been subjected to colonization in the same way that Indigenous people here have lost their relationship with the land. Gaza has become an open-air prison for 1.4 million people. It is the largest "Reserve" in the world. Finding solutions and reconciliation begins by getting involved...."  

Nick Wallwork + Bob Lovelace
From Greece: "This afternoon one of the Ausies and I got a kayak and paddled out of the harbour with a box of medicine toward Gaza. It was an opportunity to test the Harbour police and Coast guard and give the press something to do. There was almost no reaction from the Harbour police but lots of photos for the international press. It is really important for people in Canada and the world to protest the delay of the the Freedom Flotilla."
~ Bob Lovelace, Decolonization Blog

 Photo source: Halifax Media Co-op 
Compassion: An Anthology in Support of the People of Gaza & Occupied Palestine
Extended deadline September 1 2011

You are invited to contribute poems, essays, stories, songs, comix, whatever short form you like, to an anthology gathered in support of the people of Gaza and Occupied Palestine. This project is intended to share information about the situation of the people of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories, both directly and through exploring the parallel situations and experiences of other people and nations.
Please send up to three pages of work, in any genre. For longer work, please submit an excerpt of three pages, with a description of the full work including number of pages. An abstract is also acceptable.

Our intent in pursuing this project is to relieve the sense of isolation and neglect that results from the long term and increasingly brutal conduct "for security reasons" that the people of Gaza endure.  

The creation of a new homeland on an existing homeland has parallels in many different lands. We invite you to share work that explores your experiences and responses.

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