Monday, 26 September 2011

my first mister

Happy Tenth Birthday to one of my recent favourite films, My First Mister.

Found on dvd during some late night rental excursion, I watched it again this morning, on youtube, for it's cross-cultural, cross-generation, cross-gender humourous explorations. A feel-good movie for sure, both a Harold & Maude for the new millenium, and for the female perspective.

Like Harold & Maude (1971), it begins with an unhappy young person using their creative genius to express their discontent, or perhaps their essential selves in very stressful circumstance, and goes through many thoughts, shocks, and landscapes before warming into it's freeing, life-affirming conclusion.

What is friendship for?

Unlike Harold & Maude however, the resolution in this film doesn't rest at the place of individual solutions, but goes the bodhisattva next step, and seeks creative resolution through the transformative approach to one's relationships. The movie implies that humans are a resource to one another, and that coming together is not only safe, but necessary, not only possible, but wise.

Both movies will offend some and replenish others, and that's the way life goes. While both have art-- as well as friendship-- as a teaching and a transformative path, My First Mister begins and ends with poetry.

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