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Su Hui poem

Alāma Iqbāl (علامہ اقبال‎, Alāma meaning “scholar”) 

A Poem by Su Hui

Two images above are a reconstruction and translation of a famous poem, the making of which is depicted in the image below. Presented as a gift by the publishers of Classical Chinese Poetry, Translated & edited by David Hinton, "which, due to its unique layout, could not be included in the print version of the book...
You can download a hi-res jpg version here (3.6MB).
Printable version here.

The original poem in Chinese, reconstruction by Michèle Métail.
For more information on Chinese poetry in translation and to find additional texts by the author, visit David Hinton's website:"

Lady Su Hui and her Verse Puzzle

Source + story of the making of the final poem here
Metropolitan Museum of Art (pdf)



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