Monday, 3 October 2011

circle poem @ the containment center

circle poem @ the containment centre

passing to the left, we wrote:

The room held her
But instead she held back
looking forward, staring
into the black was always
difficult, like life itself,
wishing for wealth without
making shitty health.
She wants to stop lookin at
these walls, but the more
She begs, the deeper She
Falling, like Alice, like an angel
from grace, falling like a lonely
leaf in autumn’s shift to winter
So much to distract us and then bring
us back to place
and bring us back to earth
and into the earth rising up through...

            passing to the right, we wrote:

contained contained and
spilling out
food, medicine words that heal
spoken words that make you feel
Better than you’ve ever felt
it is difficult, contained, busting
at the seams, these words like an
avalanche, a waterfall crashing down
enveloping me like an
embryo— warm n safe in amniotic
cut the seams, slice the
fabric, then stitch a                 
new quilt with the wordspill

This poem was written by the group of women gathered @ Prince George Youth Containment Center ~ 'Ut'loo Noye Khunni ~ Weaving Words Celebration ~ 30 September 2011. 
We passed two unlined sheets of paper around the room, one in each direction, and each person contributed a line or two on each page. 
My thanks, to the young women at the center, to my lovely & world-famous co-facilitator, and to the organizers of all the events bringing storytellers, authors and community together.

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