Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Michelle Sylliboy, coast to coast

My Spiritual Family, Michelle Sylliboy

Moving back special

I arrived at this destination
thru blood sweat and
mid career mood swings
characters resembling an old movie
on a bad day
triggers played host to the
best sellers list of past and present
you can hardly
move back without baggage
teeter totter metaphor's stand by while
white picket doors built sideways
play mind games
from another world
it's easy to
drive drive drive without ever
looking back while
someone else's
someone else's
beetle juice of sorrows
Somehow feel better
do we purposely
tempt old souls to wander around
knocking on doors for a cup of prayers
I'm sorry
have we met
let's  reconcile with our faith
transform the collective
salvage what is potential
creating a world
that makes sense

We'lalin aqq Numultes
Michelle Sylliboy

After two decades on the west coast, working as an artist, activist and educator, and a number of years before that as a Toronto gal, Michelle returned home to Wacobah First Nation, Cape Breton, and has been settling in ever since, as her May 2011 poem shows, with a sense of humour and good patience, too.

Michelle was one of the key organizers in the start-up years of the Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast, her clear energy and let's do it! enthusiasm powering several projects into being, including the Four Elements fund-raiser and the visual arts aspect and gallery show of our Salish Seas project. 

Back in 1992, she organized an international gathering of two-spirit indigenous people, held in Gold Bridge BC, and many projects large and small have had her attention over the years.  One of her several future plans is the development of an artist residency, to draw together some of the international artists of many art forms that she has befriended, with the people, sea, plants, and weather of home. In the meantime, she is back in the studio, working on sculpture. 

Green Light, 2009

Cease Wyss & Michelle Sylliboy at Salish Seas opening

My Spiritual Family is a drawing from 1996, Soft Power is a collaborative video project, from 2004, and Green Light is a photograph from 2009.  

For more information about Michelle Sylliboy and her art in all genre, visit her at the sites below:

Michelle Sylliboy

taliaq's channel

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