Saturday, 22 October 2011

"What the Sturgeon Told Me" ~ Christi Belcourt

"What the Sturgeon Told Me"

"ONLY 25 of these are being printed. This original painting remains in my collection. I am not selling it, but because I have recieved so many offers on it, and requests for prints, I am doing a very limited edition of this painting. If you would like to order one and have it by delivered by Christmas, please order by Nov. 15th. Price is $425 plus HST & Shipping. Size 18" x 36"~ Printed on canvas and stretched on a stretcher ready for hanging on the wall. Flat prints, not stretched available as well. Each one will be signed and numbered. Email me at:

To see a more detailed view please go to:
 Miigwetch, Hiy Hiy, and Maci, Christi Belcourt"

Christi Belcourt is one of my top favourite artists of the world! 

According to Terry Point, Musqueam people living on this island where I live, in the Sto:lo/Fraser river, would draw a line through the sturgeon's gills and keep them nearby, til the time for feasting arrived. According to a writer named Terry Slack, the river near Garry Point has long been known as a place where both green and white sturgeon dwell, allowing themselves to be harvested by hungry fisher folk from time to time. A news story that morphed into an internet urban legend: an 11 foot long, approximately 1000 lb white sturgeon was caught, photographed, and released on the Fraser in 2005, not in all the other rivers of North America. The sturgeon stories that Christi was contemplating and dreaming and painting are from further inland~ Christi is an Ontario based artist + writer.


Steve Julian said...

Thank you for show casing this artist. She is Fantastic!!!
I am a big fan of Aboriginal Art. Thanks

Joanne Arnott said...

She is, isn't she? She is a real gift!