Sunday, 20 November 2011

evening light in the shadow of the hills

evening light
in the shadow of the hills
- cow bells

Rose festival
each blossom carries over
some of last night’s rain

— Angelee Deodhar, India

leaving home -
in mid-morning light
a lotus opens

— John Ripton, USA

deep winter -
seeing the bridge
I used to cross

— Thom Williams, USA

Given a melon
with all the heat of the sun  
still warm within it
                 — Seishi Yamaguchi, Japan

a bamboo bud
breaking out of its layered sheath
a warrior in arms!
— Kawai Chigetsu, Japan

UPDATE 11 March 2013
The top contemporary haiku were published in Mu Haiku Journal, an enterprise initiated by the author of the fourth haiku, Thom Williams, alongside Danielle Buchanan and Jon-Michael Frank. The second last poem is also published in banner of the journal, and the final poem is by a woman of letters from an earlier era, and published in Far Beyond the Field: Haiku by Japanese WomenCompiled and Translated with an Introduction by Makoto Ueda (reviewed here: Haiku World).

Mu: An International Haiku Journal has just announced it's fifth and final issue. Angelee Deodar's poems and John Ripton's appeared in the inaugral issue, and each of the two contests and five issues includes thoughtful poetics as well as a palmful of poetry from haiku artists from anywhere in the world. All will remain available online, a gentle offering.

Farewell, and — nicely done.

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