Sunday, 6 November 2011

messy nexus of unofficial art: acknowledging oppositional aspects

Ill Repute: building on itself

Last weekend we opened the first project in our Ill Repute series, Yin Yang Temple by Patrick Cruz. On Saturday, November 5 (at 2 in the afternoon) we’ll follow with the second project, Survival in Its Many Shapes by Wil George. By early December, we will have five commissions by emerging artists running in various ways: installations, video, books, performances, web projects, and so on.  So, while this is in the form of one exhibition that runs from October to December 2011, it’s going to continue to change right up until the end.

Patrick Cruz, Yin Yang Temple

What started as an idea to use the history of the Pitt to examine less-acknowledged Vancouver history has been shaped and stretched by the artists and by co-curator Cease Wyss  into a platform for projects that examine the persistence of ideas, people, and forms of exchange in non-official, non-sanctioned culture. This is our contribution to the dialogue around Vancouver’s 125th anniversary: a reminder that the city is built on more than real estate, and that experimental, free, oppositional culture has a past, a present and a future."

I attended Wil's launch, because of his poetry, and i came away pretty curious about what the connections are between three emerging ndn writers celebrated with books and book launches (and artist talks, a less usual perq for the artist who works with words), a brightly coloured mess-spill with the title "Yin Yang Temple" vaguely suggesting the classic Chinese altar set up in a most unusal way, a radio station that pretty much speaks only to itself and it's immediate neighbours: so i returned to the website this morning, now that i am beyond the "need to know" stages and into the "curious as hell."

Survival in Its Many Shapes, unwrapped
I will have to look again at the Yin Yang Temple, setting aside my classical references mode and reaching for a music history that i, for the most part, have missed.

Looking forward to Wil's talk on Nov 13, and the launches of new works by two other emerging wordsmiths, Dustin Rivers and Christie Lee Charles.

Here's the place to play, guaranteed whimsy quotient: UNIT/PITT Projects .

unitpitt radio offerings soon online
All images + opening blogpost quote from UNIT/PITT Projects website.

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