Tuesday, 27 December 2011

jo's journeys

18: persuaded norman boulet of portage la prairie that life was not complete until he had seen the ocean. once he was duly amazed by the tides, we decided to go check out the great lakes, and visit my ma. once there, we separated, and both went back to school.

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19: summer studies at University of Windsor (geology + yoga)

20: persuaded nick zenthoefer that life was not complete until i had seen the other ocean: he was game. he sold a painting for our start-up money. once we were duly amazed by the swift chocolate milk tides of the bay of fundy, we carried on to the coast, where we ran out of money. his parents sent us some cash, and we carried on inland again to portage la prairie, where we worked at the husky truck stop for a month, and stayed with my dad. carried on from there to the pacific again-- there's a lot of time in a summer, if you keep to task-- took a bus back to windsor in time for school start-up.

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21: after spending the summer in vancouver, i took the bus back to windsor, but fell in with a fellow who said he was from the north, and invited me to travel there, with him. i carried on to windsor, and alas, the professors went out on strike. bill budd arrived in town, invited me again, and i closed up my house and left. this was my third and final major hitch-hiking journey.

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That was also my first and only trip that ended in violence, and a stay at the Edmonton Women's Shelter.

One thing that I did a lot of, besides waiting alongside the roads, was sing. I decided to post this song, and was a bit startled by one of the images: decided to share it anyway, with this caution.

Wishing all a safe journey, and a long and fruitful life.

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