Sunday 4 December 2011

prairie & coast: Errol Kinistino, Cathy Wheaton, Larry Nicholson

Erroll Kinistino contemplates the natural beauty in the prairie landscape through his words and where his surrounding evoke memories of the past of this place
Sagebrush (source)

Nipaw is a short film that depicts a surreal relationship with the prairie landscape through song. We observe Chimiskwew as she heeds the wind's lullaby, inviting her to journey to the hills in the distance. Chimiskwew succumbs to the wind's potent chant as his song sweeps through the grass and carries her to where he was born.
Nipaw is the first collaborative multi-media project by Erroll Kinistino and Cathy Wheaton (the same creative team brought us Sagebrush).
Credits: Photography by Erroll Kinistino
Cathy Wheaton plays Chimiskwew
Music composed and sung by Erroll Kinistino Erroll Kinistino on Sugar Bowl Drum
Editing by Cathy Wheaton
Co-producers Erroll Kinistino and Cathy Wheaton
Film location: Claybank National Historic Park 2007

Nipaw (source)
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The Distance
Words and music by Larry Nicholson
Guitar and vocal: Larry Nicholson
Guitar: Brett Richards
Recorded by: Jean Ardilla @ Co-op Radio Vancouver BC
© 2010 Champsteen Publishing
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