Sunday, 22 January 2012


top photo: Alastair at the Museum
i took this shot two weeks ago or so. i asked to take his picture, and took a few, and then he took some of me. when i asked for the camera again, and his patience while i took yet another image or perhaps flock of images, he surprised me by walking away.

bottom photo: Ma, at Riding Mountain
my big sis Marni took this of our Ma, a few months ago, when our sister Carole was visiting from Australia, and they took a trip together to Riding Mountain National Park. she sent me more, which i'll share, but for the moment, the similarity between these two photos of loved ones really struck me.

i remember, many years ago, reading about attachment, how fundamental a process it is, and in all these years, science has not caught up with our ability to know: we are living in a sea of love; love and generosity are the fundamental truths we humans need in order to form as human beings, to grow, to thrive.

there is not always the possibility of making a photograph of all that is most central to us, and so, we must simply know, and simply trust, and somehow, reside in that sea of truth, and knowing, and loving.

i thought about what to call this post: at a distance, love at a distance, getting perspective, two portraits of people who are loved by people who love them in places they love...?

and what to say about the pictures? i love these people! pretty much sums it up. noted, my mother did leave me, and she returned to me, again and again, until i was ready to let her go, and better, ready to welcome her back. i look forward to her upcoming visit, sad as i am for the reasons that have compelled her to leave her snowbanks and cafe pals to come along to the coast.

noted, too, that while Alastair did walk away from me, he turned, and looked back at me, and waited, posing: which was when i realized i needed to stop following him, and back up a bit, to get the whole of the picture in to my small viewer. to choose the correct parameters, make a portrait worth keeping.

photo of Alastair by Joanne, Museum of Anthropology, UBC, circa Vancouver, BC
photo of Lorraine by Marni Arnott Petkau, Riding Mountain National Park, MB
moments of love

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