Saturday, 31 March 2012

All The Ones That They Call Lowly

David Campbell is a deeply gifted poet & songwriter. Of his many albums, the one that I have listened to one hundred thousand times, because it appealed to my young children and most equally, it appealed to me, is called, "Through the Eyes of a Child."

Here is a gifted teacher, sharing what he knows, not only with the children of the world, but with the aged children now grown, parenting, struggling with the past and the present and sometimes the future, too. (This is harkening back to my first two decades of parenting.)

These are basic lessons in values and compassion, useful for all: not only all of the challenges that young people can be expected to navigate, but for all of the adult situations, too, where we are invited to turn against the people of the world, to abandon them, to agree to or to tolerate their mistreatment.

David Campbell, Songmaker

"Song making is a "calling" for me, and that has powered me to writing hundreds of songs. I am also a performing artist, singing and accompanying myself on guitar, and a recording artist with 29 cd's, the first 4 with record companies."

"Born in Guyana, South America, Arawak Indian and Portuguese ancestry, toured, and appeared on radioand television in several countries. 300 videos and counting, on YouTube, mainly of original songs. Currently writing a book. Resident of Vancouver,
Canada, and is a Canadian citizen."


"This channel celebrates the creativity and abundance I've been blessed with... containing some of the original songs I've created exercising my first creative love song making. It has been known in the past as the "Marakakore" channel. Two of my 29 cd's are now available online: "My Kind Of Song" with "Thanksgiving Song". at: My CD "Pretty Brown" at: Thanks to all who have sent in encouraging messages to this channel. Peace. David Campbell a.k.a marakakore."

More about David Campbell: A keeper of the fire on The Land of Six Peoples website,
David Campbell is the living embodiment of the power of the muses that come from a special place in the geography of Guyana's music. He is an expert wordsmith and clearly one of Guyana's most important lyricists. His ability to draw upon multiple landscapes makes him an inclusive and integrating spirit.

David has been an important ambassador and is a cultural hero. For his inspirational work, he was awarded a Wordsworth McAndrew Award by the Guyana Folk Festival Committee in 2003.
~ Dr Vibert C Cambridge

David Campbell, Songmaker, facebook
Songs for Children of all ages, youtube
Welcome to Guyana: Land of Six Peoples website, article published 2005 

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