Saturday, 24 March 2012

a distinguished poet

When i was a girl, one of my uncles had a big house in Winnipeg, and rented out rooms. One fellow who rented a room for a time, between work sessions in the North, moved away, and left a packet of photos behind, in an old broken down suitcase. Somehow, these photographs of sled dogs and oil spills came into my possession, and one I favoured above all others depicted: the narwhal. In grand proto-poet style, i wrote across the back in my best hand, "this photograph is an example of the near distinct narwhal."

Today I was among the poets, authors, and organizers recognized by a new organization, Writers International Network (Canada), for our contributions to our communities and to the world of letters. I wore my sash and shared a song and a poem, and received my medallion. 

Medallion recipients included:

+ Arno Komalika (Tagore Dance)

The variety of performers, the twined loves of literary traditions and social justice shared by all, made this a nourishing day. My thanks to Ashok Bhargava, Alan Hill, Roberta Price for her beautiful welcome, and all of the organizers, volunteers, and performers.

Once home, I looked into the envelope I had received, and found two letters, one from the visionary/organizer, Ashok, and another from The Honourable Yonah Martin. Coming from a community that is all about "making do," and perforce accomodated to our lives on the sidelines, I was surprisingly affected by the simple notes of recognition and affirmation. 

I am feeling like a "near distinct narwhal" today, or better, as are all of the other honourees.

Many blessings on those who gathered today, and my prayers for the longevity of the Writers International Network (Canada).


Janet Kvammen said...

It was an amazing day, one I will always treasure. It was such an honour to be an award recipient with you, Joanne!
I have some photos. I cannot find you on facebook.

Joanne Arnott said...

This is because i am not on facebook! Avoiding the "wet kitten on a highway" vertigo that i get when i visit that site... for now.

I think we were all very touched by the day. If you'd like to share some of your pics, please send to me


Thanks Janet!