Sunday, 11 March 2012

eleven on the eleventh

Reluctant Daughter

Caressed by her mother named Fraser
Begging her to come back, to come home
But the daughter is reluctant

For she has her own children now and
She cannot leave them
Her mother begs, but to no avail

For we are her children
Our mother is our home

Written by Flora Jo Zenthoefer, on her 10th birthday
At the “In the Arms of the River” event, Richmond BC, 11 March 2011

happy birthday!

Flora & Jules with Alejandro & Ariadne,WP Tagore Celebration
Who gives strength to her brothers, happiness to her family, and hope to her classmates
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Schroedinger's Cat: IDEA: by FLORA-JO ZENTHOEFER

Flora Jo Zenthoefer, Featured Tree House Youth Poet from Canada



Jamie Reid said...

Have a happy happy, Flora, I know you will!

Ariadne said...

Happy Birthday to a talented poet.
The World Poetry Youth Team is so proud of you!
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Birthday Flora,

sounds like you had a good one! I was at the Nikkei Centre selling tshirts fundraising for the people in Fukushima who were impacted and still affected by the earthquake/tsunami disaster.

See you soon. love, lily