Thursday, 8 March 2012

water-centricity in the arts

Happy international women's day, with special thanks to poet-activist Rita Wong, for her good works coming to fruition in the series of water-centric events that have begun to surface in a public way, and will continue to unfold all through the month of March: with ripples and flows well beyond the present time.

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Downstream: Re-Imagining Water

Water has the power to awe, transport, transform, shift spirits and landscapes in ways that range from brutal to eloquent to rejuvenating.
 ~curator, Jeneen Frei Njootli

Bodies of Water Dance Performance 

 March 21, Roundhouse Community Centre

 - with Seonagh Odhiambo, Asava Dance and Angel Luis Figueroa -


World Water Night
March 22, Emily Carr University of Art and Design 
readings by Lee Maracle and Michael Blackstock
screening of Samaqan: Water Stories with Director Jeff Bear -

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Blue ecology: A cross-cultural approach to reconciling forest-related conflicts

Michael D. Blackstock
Fresh water has a unifying role at the ecosystem and human level. Water, without fail, is recognized throughout the globe as crucial to human life. By examining a dispute resolution case study relating to Mt. Ida, near Salmon Arm, B.C., this paper offers a probe of the question “What is water?”. An Elder poses three questions about fresh water’s role in the forest ecosystem; the answers are sought using the concept of “blue ecology,” which interweaves Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Western science. The purpose is to reveal cross-cultural assumptions and definitions of fresh water, and to assist in reconciling forest-related conflicts between First Nations and government agencies. Because water is a common interest to all people, blue ecology is proposed as a means towards this reconciliation. The paper presents five guiding principles that should be useful to mediators and forests managers seeking to build co-operative cross-cultural solutions.

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Blue ecology & climate change

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