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world poetry day 2012

Hi, Friend! Happy World Poetry Day.  May the poet in your soul get rowdy with joy, in whatever way that takes you.
Thanks to Edmonton's Poet Laureate, Anna Marie Sewell, for excellent wishes & timely reminder! Visit Anna's ten-chapter blog (and more to come), on Frontenac House website. Check out her beautiful book of poetry, Fifth World Drum.

In 2009, i became profoundly annoyed with my beau, and ended up writing a longish sideways rant called "World Poetry Day 2009," published in three parts on Schroedinger's Cat. In the interim there have been changes and corrections to the piece, but, overall I am happy to share it as is/as was,
One of my subsequent discoveries was a critical review of one of the papers whose reflections are imbued in the piece. This is a very interesting essay,

Re-Assessing the Supine Demoness: Royal Buddhist Geomancy in the Srong btsan sgam po Mythology

JIATS, no. 3 (December 2007), THL #T3108, 47 pp.

The critical response found later considered the possibility that the perception of Buddhism and the times was perhaps unduly coloured by a modern appreciation of the impact of Christianity in the New World, and across Europe, a retrojection that was probably completely inappropriate to the actual context (time and place) under review. (See Isabelle Crossley's thoughtful paper, here.) Keeping the mind open...

The map above, and the wall mural below, visually represent the fusion of divinity~landscape. The Supine Demoness: here's the short version introduction:

Jambay Lhakhang

I had the pleasure of spending a day at Stanley Park with a number of poets, at a World Poetry sponsored picnic in the spring of 2010, including Jamie Reid (Canada), Hadaa Sendoo (Mongolia), Ariadne Sawyer (Canada), Alejandro Mujica-Olea (Chile-Canada), 談 衛那/Venus Cheng (?Taiwan-Canada), Peter Lojewski (Germany-Canada), Diane Laloge (Canada), and more. Not everyone performed a poem or flashed a camera, but many did, and everyone shared food and conversation.
Alejandro, photo by Jamie Reid

Sendoo & Venus

Venus 谈卫那的诗

@@ Poet! You are the ladder @@

The following was translated by Willie Wang:
****** ******

Piles of writing papers are drafts of poems;
They cannot be considered to be food all over the table,
But they have spent all the precious years of my youth.

Poems, in spoken or written languages
Make you find the way upwards,
Absolutely not the tools for you to make a living.


Jamie, Joanne, Sendoo

Jamie read a lovely long poem that evoked the spirit of the place we were standing in, gazing from one promontory to another and spying a temple monastery across the way. Alejandro wowed us with extemporaneous poetry, a popular form in Chile that left me thinking again about all of the strengths of orality and oral literary traditions. Hadaa and Venus and several other poets performed, and the translators translated for us. It was a good day.

In May, World Poetry is hosting another International Festival in Richmond. Fingers crossed that all who need visas will get visas, and looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone!

Anna's greeting found in my mailbag

Supine demoness images, 
+ Ryan Griffith,

Martin Mills' essay, Read more:!jiats=/03/mills/b1/#ixzz1plxwUQpc

Photos sent by Jamie and Venus, links to Venus' work sent by Venus
Here's a brief clip of the day, also posted by Venus, one of several that she shared with us:

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