Friday, 27 April 2012

Michelle Sylliboy

she has beauty

she has beauty
the way rivers sparkle
after fresh drops of rain

of selfless moments

broken hearts
chase away
of what we are meant
to feel
in this lifetime

like a carnival of
floating in mid air

a dream purposely
removed from our
memory of sorrows
allows us time
to silently
achieve collective

March 27,2012
east coast beauty

Michelle Sylliboy is a Mi’kmaq artist and educator, born in Boston, Mass, but raised in her traditional Mi’kmaq territory We’koqmaq First Nation, Cape Breton. Michelle has spent two decades on Coast Salish lands on the west coast, working as an artist, activist and educator.

She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and her Masters in Education at Simon Fraser University. She returned home to We’koqmaq First Nation, Cape Breton in the summer of 2010 to share her artistic practice, but was drawn back to the west coast, to enhance her artistic career and to further her education.

Michelle @ Gallery Gachet

 As an educator and artist in residence, she has taught Indigenous art theory and sculpture, working with students from kindergarten to post secondary. As activist, she organized an international gathering of two-spirit indigenous people in Gold Bridge BC, and many other events, including the Four Elements fundraiser in Vancouver (2009).

I specialize in community artistic projects by bringing emerging artists together with professional artists. My last big project was with the West Coast Aboriginal Writers Collective in Vancouver B.C. We successfully self published and launched "Salish Seas" An anthology of emerging & professional poets and visual artists followed by a successful exhibition at Gastown's Gallery Gachet in Vancouver last February.


Creating opportunities for dialogues to occur. By recognizing positive, creative changes in places and people. Not to mention sharing knowledge, such as this wonderful website or listening to Jazz and be inspired at a moments notice.
~Michelle Sylliboy, Mi'kmaq Educator/Poet/Visual Artist, on Linked In

A visual artist whose work has been included in numerous art shows, most recently at the Talking Stick Festival 2012 and Salish Seas @ Gallery Gachet (2011), Michelle was the art director of the Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast’s book production, Salish Seas: an anthology of text + image (2011). Poetry, though, is her first love, and she has a first book manuscript tucked away, edited by Chrystos and awaiting a quiet moment to slip into the world.

Join us 6 May 1:30 ~ 4 pm,
Richmond City Hall Council Chambers 
Richmond BC

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More about Michelle (poem, video, visual art) on my previous post:

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