Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Senaqwila Wyss


Doors Open 2012: Poetry Nature
An afternoon of performance at Richmond City Hall

Senaqwila Wyss, Opening  
1:30 to 4 pm, Sunday May 6
Richmond City Hall Council Chambers
corner of No 3 Road @ Granville                 

Senaqwila Wyss is Aboriginal to the Squamish Nation, Hawaiian and Swiss. At the age of 17, she will be graduating in June from Athena Arts program. Senaqwila has been in arts programs all of her school life and enjoys all aspects of the arts. She has been involved in her Squamish culture through endeavors with her close family as well as a Canoe pulling team called the Siyamin Stamsh. With her experiences, she has learned much about her culture and protocol, as well as the native language and traditions. Although she has just begun learning about the richness in her culture, she hopes to learn much more through out her lifetime. Moreover, in recent years she has been working in her community in efforts of food security, organic gardening, as well as environmental stewardship. Her knowledge in environmental issues range from traditional uses of plants, the Latin and SkwxwU7mesh Uxwumixw (Squamish Language) names for plants, and a variety of other knowledge. 

Some notes on pronunciation;

"Siyamin Stamsh" see-yah-main stamsh 
"Skwxu7mesh Uxwumixw" Sko-home-esh ulk-ah-may-uh (the "7" is kind of a 'popcorn stuck in your throat' noise haha)

Some previous collaborations:

Squamish People of the Sunset Coast by Barbara Wyss, Senaqwila U'Alani Ku'Uipo Nihu Wyss and T'uy Tanat (Cease Wyss) (Paperback - Feb 16 2006)

Indigenous Plant Diva by Kamala Todd (NFB 2008)  

Editing credit

Appeared in Indigenous Plant Diva
at the Uts'am Witness Book Project launch

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