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Tim Lander

I first met Tim through our friend Connie Fife. I have to thank them both for fostering my poetic spirit, and for this wonderful newspaper headline they had posted above the sink, back in the day:

"Are those poems real, or did you make them yourself?"

Tim played his penny-whistle at my wedding. Serendipitously, he was here at the house years later, the night before I was to go to read a poem at the Pickton Farm Gate. When he heard what was happening, he delayed his departure, and planned to come along: for strength, to lend his self to a difficult project, to bring his musical soul-soothing powers to a challenging time and place. So many of the people gathered there were almost off our rockers, fear and grief and their residue, and many who had said "We will come" did not arrive. For those of us gathered, Tim's gentle tootling kept the bodies and souls together, weaving a gentle strand of goodness through the place.

Tim Lander, The Myth of Adam And Eve

Tim Lander Busking in Nanaimo, April 8/09, Diana... by mikejames2009

Tim has a wonderful oratory style in poetry performance, a beautiful voice: I am sorry I could find no audio or video clip to share. Will keep looking...

Tim Lander

"Tim Lander has been reciting poetry on the street, in coffee houses, and at other public venues for years. He is always out in the open, offering his poems for sale in handcrafted chapbooks. Gentle, thoughtful, and articulate, this U.K.-born, Nanaimo-based writer has been an important presence on the West Coast poetry scene for several decades. His publications include Street Heart Poems, The Glass Book: Poems, and The Book of Prejudices."
Or, as Tim himself might put it:

"Tim Lander was born the day Hitler marched into Austria. Evacuated from London to the North Country during the years of the war, he was sent to an English boarding school at the age of 6 till he was 18. 
"Called up in the British Army he served in Malaya. Studied Geology and Zoology at London University and immersed himself in T.S. Eliot. He arrived in Canada in 1964, lived and worked in Vancouver with Intermedia in the 70s, went to UBC, obtained a BA in Edmonton. Married and divorced he has 5 children. He moved to Nanaimo in 1977. He has published over 50 chapbooks of poetry as well as 6 books of poetry. His most recent is 'Inappropriate Behavior' (Broken Jaw Press, 2006).

"I've been scribbling for 50 years and I no longer think I am the world's greatest poet but hope to keep scribbling and producing chapbooks till the day I die. "Chap" in chapbooks comes from the Anglo Saxon "Ceop"- cheap, swap. Poetry that poets can afford to buy or exchange. I believe poets should publish their own work. I believe in the Culture of Poetry and that hierarchy is anathema to culture. Poetry is the most basic and most deeply felt language art. Both the most private and the most public. It makes more demands on the audience than any other art form, for in reading a poem, the reader must go more than halfway to meet the poet. Reading poetry is itself a severe discipline so the poet, in clarity, and the tricks of rhetoric must go halfway to meet the reader. The ancient Norse god of Poetry was Brag: Poets are all braggarts"
from Seven Towers

A few titles:

Like Stepping Stones above the Traffic (1987, holographic poetry)
Street Heart Poems (1993)
'Pecunia Non Olet' (The Poem Factory No. 8, 1997)
The Myth of Adam & Eve (Sagittarius Press, 1995, 1998)
The Glass Book: Poems (Ekstasis, 1999)
The Book of Prejudices (2002)
Inappropriate Behaviour (Broken Jaw Press, 2006)
& by now, well over 50 hand-crafted chapbooks

Tim Lander, inside The Book of Prejudices

"no rites reserved"

"Please do not reproduce without love"

Chapbooks scanned, copyright remains with Tim Lander who (as the quotes above indicate) shares freely-- copyleft, as it were

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