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Vancouver Complaints Choir 2012

W2TV: Vancouver Complaints Choir - June 2, 2012

Vancouver Vancouver Complaints Choir.

What do you complain about when you live in paradise
Well enlighten me with some words of advise
Where do I start when there is so much to say
Like cyclists on the sidewalks going the wrong way
Our government is crazy but Toronto's is even worse
I work three jobs and still I have an empty purse

This song took to long to write and it is still too low
The altos only have one note again
and the tenors don't know their note note?

condo condo condominium
condo condo condominium
condo condo condominium
condo condo condominium


enough said.

People who butt in line at the food samples table
People who buy their clothes just for the label
Jaywalking without looking on Commercial Drive
Funding for the arts is cut but expected to survive

Vancouver Vancouver

Pedestrians cross on the don't walksign
Texting drivers cross the yellow line
Commuters block the only way out
Cycling psychos on a cycling route

Tailgaters that have room to pass
Speculators raise the price of gas
Jerky people who complain all the time
Build more prisons when there is less crime

Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver
Vancouver Complaints Choir.

~ Russell Wallace

3rd Vancouver Complaints Choir
Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vancouver New Music presents an all new Complaints Choir, with music written by Russell Wallace (arr. by Russell Wallace and Alison Jenkins) and all new complaints - from money woes, to condos, bad government and bad habits! In this hilarious community project, participants sing a litany of complaints in various outdoor locales. Featuring Alan Zisman on accordion.

The Complaints Choir started in 2005 in Birmingham, UK and has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon. In 2009, Vancouver New Music co-ordinated a second Complaints Choir featuring music and conduction by Vede Hille. This is the third incarnation of the Complaints Choir, with all new music and complaints!

Find out more about Complaints Choirs around the world at


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