Thursday, 23 August 2012

a new blog commences... + some updates

Glen Eden Multimodal Centre blog is a new virtual home for community news and updates on the fates as they play like pussy cats with the lives of all involved with the suddenly homeless centre. As with my recent post (5 frogs on a log), there is no log! was a sudden revelation. [update: see note in comments section]

As scads of information now comes my way, and more to come, I will redirect relevant posts to that site, and share the past and future news of Glen Eden community altogether in one space, both for the general public, and for the families, friends and supporters of  students, staff, and admin of that multidimensional [visionary house]-- my neutral term for a fusion of services, coined in an effort to escape jurisdictional disputes of some funding agencies.

Feel free to visit us at that new virtual location, pore over Glen Eden's official website, write letters to Ministers, critics and editors, and share creative solutions as they arise.

Meantime, this blog will continue as was, a whimsical meander somewhere between current events and poetry, the state of my house, and the places curiosity leads... a general arts + politics rag for the many. A little housekeeping: the ever-growing right-hand column has prompted me to do a little re-arranging, and so, the list of Ingredients (eg subjects or themes), Other Links, Indigenous Artists in Canada have all been moved from the right-hand column to the bottom of the page. All the resources and links are still available, but now form a long tail tale to each new post, instead of an endless thorax/flagpole effect.

images by Jules when he was in preschool, he's now nine years old and anticipating a new year in public school. For more about Glen Eden and my particular family, visit my previous two days' posts, and follow links shared above + in those spaces.


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Joanne Arnott said...

I concluded the Glen Eden Multimodal Centre Community Blog in December, 2013.

Thanks to all for support of the centre through it's crises and transitions.