Wednesday, 8 August 2012

the family of crow

Happy to announce on the 8th of the 8th, the release of my new chapbook, the family of crow (Leaf Press). Despite it's title, it is not for families so much as for grown ups, and not something i'd encourage my kids to read (too much information) whatever their ages.

The new chapbook includes eight original poems by me, a poem by Li Bai translated by Mark Alexander, and a poem by Jane Kwatleematt Marston, alongside images by five outstanding artists of BC,

Michael Blackstock, “feeding crow”
Chris Bose,  “crow in the gutter” & “the woman and the crow”
Lee Claremont, “Little Crow Guardian Spirit” 
Jane Kwatleematt Marston, “Crows Gathering to Drink”
jono/joAnne Noble, “crow mandala” 

Meditations on crow, sexuality, and family, community,  the poetic references reach across the specific Pacific, and may well be a more comfortable read for those who have had a bit of grounding in indigenous, or Asian,  explanations of how the world works and our participatory roles within it, than for those who are restricted to a Euro-fortress aesthetic (and it's descendants, although i may be erroneously extrapolating from a single down-east editor's passing comments).

I may not have resolved the Virgin/Whore dichotomy of (some) cultures, single-handed, but i have made a little trek and kept some notes, and here present eight poems and a bit of nonfiction for those who like both. The diverse crow moments of the "visual storytellers" (many of whom are also word-artists) are all BC drawn, and amplify the song notes, enriching the myriad places a mind might travel next.

I first shared these poems in performance at the hugely successful Ogamas Festival, a few years back, and was interested to note how much men need to hear about themselves as the focus of desire, to offset the (also true) "i have a few complaints" motifs we women also sometimes explore. In that sense, it is a give away of some highly private and intimate moments. For the women, as well as for the men, i expect a samesame resonance to grow from the specifics, whatever your particular life stories, and whether or not it is legal to be a sexual person in your family/world.

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sandra said...

the shelagh-na-gig laughs
shameless she
digs her nails into the earth
says take me
take me do
take me, take me do!