Saturday, 8 September 2012

Chief Dan George + Fireweed

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In 1973, George recorded My Blue Heaven with Fireweed, with Indian Prayer on the reverse. An album, Chief Dan George & Fireweed - In Circle was released in 1974 comprising these songs and seven others: If anybody out there has any other tracks from this album please let me know, thanks.
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For more about Chief Dan George come out to his Life Celebration @ Vancouver Public Library on Monday night!
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Rich said...

Thanks for posting, this was my upload on youtube, I am still looking for the whole album!

Rich (aka sheppar)

Rich said...

PS Here is a link to the great cover art:

Joanne Arnott said...

Thanks, Rich-- hopeful you find what you're looking for... Worth the wait, I promise!

+ thanks for the link to the awesome cover art: I hadn't seen the full version.

Any idea who did the art?