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four poets + five poems (Uddari)

Stroll In a Particle
Ajmer Rode

If you can find
a path into it
there is enough
space in this
to stroll for a lifetime.


Kishwar Naheed

A delicate awareness of life
Dawned in the desolation of my body.
The deception of the shore’s indifference
And the futility of surging waves.
Every limb is asking:
Now tell us
If you know why a flower blossoms.
I laugh
And create a riot in the garden.

Translated by Baidar Bakht and Derek M. Cohen


Kishwar Naheed

Selling mirrors
In the lap of hope’s mountain,
I was alone reaping losses.
I was tall like the Pleiades,
Was concerned with only me;
Lost in myself
Marching apart,
I hated the glow of yes.
Then, I killed myself,
Drank my blood,
People had never heard
Such frightening laughter.

Translated by Baidar Bakht and Derek M. Cohen


Zeeshan Sahil

Wishing to become a tree
I became one
But could not afford shelter
To anyone

No bird perched on my branches
To sing
No squirrel made its home
In my trunk

The dew did not glimmer
On my green leaves
And for thousands of years
Even the termites kept away

Wishing to become a path
I became instead a bridge
Those who crossed over me
I never saw again

I was not set aflame in the war
Or hacked to pieces
That floated along in the distance
Keeping each other company

Wishing to become the sea
I became a solitary teardrop
Making its home
In a handkerchief
That was not clasped
To anyone’s breast
Not wrapped around
Anyone’s wrist
No one burnt it to ashes
To salve a wound

Wishing to become a story
I became a word
Falling from ashen lips
To spin forever
In the vortex
Echo in the wind
Remain buried
In someone’s breast

Translated from Urdu by Tehmina Ahmed


Surjit Patar 

These words embellished in colours would dissolve
And those chiselled in marble would get wiped out
Words that the burning hands scribbled across the winds
Shall remain written across the winds forever

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As I drew these poems from the English Poems pages on Uddari Weblog, I thought it might be of interest to share as well the meaning of "uddari"~ here's one explanation:

English Meaning of 'uddari'
uddari. [H.] n. A superintendent vicarana karta (Vizag.)
Meaning of ఉద్దరి
uddari. [Tel. ఉద్ద+దరి] n. A sleep bank: నదిలో దిగుటకు యుక్తముకాని దరి. ఉద్దరువు uddaravu. (ఉద్ద+అరువు.) n. Mortgage of a crop not yet raised. ఉద్దవడి or ఉద్దవిడి uddavaḍi. ఉద్ద+వడి) n. Rapidity, great celerity. Violence, haste. P. i. 134.Telugu Dictionary (source)

Here is the relevant discussion, however:

Uddari Mudhla Warqa

Punjabi word ‘uddari’ was common enough but had not captured me till author Zubair Ahmad (Kitab Trinjan, Lahore) suggested it as ‘khyal uddari’ for ‘imagination’ in my novel ‘Skeena’. Later, i mentioned it to Editor Maqsood Saqib (Monthly Pancham, and Suchet Kitab Ghar, Lahore) as a title for a proposed journal of Punjabi writings; ‘Uddari!’ Maqsood Saqib slashed the ‘khyal’ in his most decisive tones. So, uddari it is.

Uddari Weblog is a place to discuss maaNboli issues such as the status of maaNboli languages, royalty rights of writers, support for the publishers, and whatever is in between.

- Fauzia



‘Urraan’ in Urdu. ‘Airborne, soaring, in the air, on the wing, taking off, taking to the air’.

Source: Uddari Home


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What a beautiful selection of poems from Uddari's English Poems page, Joanne. Thank you for sharing on your blog.

Joanne Arnott said...

Really thankful that you have been working together to provide the work for an anglophone audience: love your blog!