Sunday, 14 October 2012

Asian Canadian Writers Workshop + AWCWC

Tonight's C: C: C: readings are at Native Education College, start time is 7 pm, featuring

Hiromi Goto
Daniel Heath Justice
Rita Wong
Loretta Todd**

** with a sneak peek at her new series pilot, Skye and Chang

... followed by an open mike featuring the weekend's workshop participants and other members of the two community literary arts groups.

Open to the Public: All Welcome!

This gathering features delicious food, excellence in literary performance, and a wonderful affirmation of a vital stream in Canadian literature.

When the rains return, it is good to have a place to gather!

285 E 5th Ave  Vancouver, BC


We have been gathering the fruits of this idea, to collaborate with the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop, this weekend-- from what I observed and experienced yesterday, an excellent harvest!

Russell Wallace, our main liasing member from the collective, and his sister Freda Wallace, opened the weekend with a beautiful song of welcome.

There was a fulsome turn-out for the Gifts of the Ancestors. Fiona Lam and I were very stimulated by our topic.  Our main challenge in prepping was, how to select just a few from the many possible routes, paths, excercises.  Well-prepared with a mix of strategies and deliveries of our content, our main challenge became revising the agenda downward, from generous allotments of writing time to little snippets and tastes of writing time, to accommodate the big turn-out, air of intimacy,and full flow of stories.  Many reported feeling curious, invigorated, inspired. The greatest censures came in the form of invitations: can we do this again, with more time? (Our answer: absolutely!)

The afternoon workshop for youth, with Janet Rogers and Mercedes Eng, was an intensive tutorial and discussion, providing a luxury of focus on the participating youth.  A collaborative poem, the first submission for the Special Issue of Rice Paper, was an early result of their session.

Our collective was intended to meet at supper, but through a process of miscommunications, I ended up thinking that it was cancelled, and arrived over an hour late for the meeting I'd called. Eventually we had a quorum, and the decision was made: a second edition of Salish Seas, with CIP and ISBN properly recorded, and a second book project.

An evening of performance:
Sid Tan was on hand for the archival role, and Janey Lew our inspired mc. The line up of performance went like this:

Round One: 
Jordan Abel
Fiona Lam
Mercedes Eng
Joanne Arnott

Round Two:
Janey Lew
Kelly Roullette
Jonina Kirton
Michelle Sylliboy
Wil George
Pia Massie

Today's workshops were Speculative Fiction with Hiromi Goto and Daniel Heath Justice, and Land/scapes with Jordan Abel and Rita Wong.


Full details of the event series: Rice Paper CCC

an earlier post

from the archives:
an early collaborative poem/Ache to Flow

Uploaded by on May 27, 2009
A collective poem by the Aboriginal Writers Collective-Westcoast [+ friends] written by Tia Hoppington-Scott, Janet Rogers, Freda Wallace, Russell Wallace, Rita Wong.

Created May 2009 at Open Mouth/Open Mic in Vancouver, BC Canada

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