Sunday, 7 October 2012


Many things have caught my attention in recent weeks, that i haven't spoken of: autumnal changes, subtle adjustments that move us along to the next season, the next familiar part of the cycle of time.

I am again really troubled by the choices of Vic Toews, choices that prompted at least one friend to confide, "He makes me embarassed to be a Canadian."

Does it matter, whether we were discussing his "preloading" of public views on the child soldier so long misused and so long delayed in returning to Canada, or his expression of unself-conscious and well justified official bigotry, in approving the lay-off of all minority religious supports for imprisoned people, forcing the acting-out survivors of pedophile priests alongside every non-Christian imprisoned-- 43%-- to seek solace and confide in the state's preferred flavour of religious leadership?

News reports also reflect an upsurge in the imprisonment of indigenous women:

 " Absent political will, fundamental change will not occur within the system. "

Responsibility, whether fiscal or moral, is not what these statements, actions and developments evoke, not at all. Abuse of power, and the ongoing re-formatting, neo-settlerism to displace out-dated ideas of equality, undoing the incremental victories of the vast and the small. 


I don't much like to get involved in the opinions of diasporic people and their homelands, allowing for a spectrum of opinion on what is best or right or just, and yet, there's been suspiciously little discussion about the timing of the Defense' Minister's announcement of a child to come, the fact that Nazanin Afshin-Jam (his wife) has been a well-positioned voice for closing down discussion or relatedness between Canada and Iran, and the "perplexing," "mystifying" timing of John Baird's announcement of the closing of the consulates, Canada-Iran.

It is not at all mystifying that this small circle of friends allow their emotional preferences to become law, and to hell with all consequences. The only positive is that tiny bit of space opening up between the most warlike of the Israeli leadership and the most powerful of Canada's ruling clique. Just a tiny breath of space, between friendship and war.

if you follow the link, you might note the use of the past tense in speaking of indigenous people of Canada
 three brothers who learned how to get along

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