Monday, 22 October 2012

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Panel discussion at the UN after SG Ban Ki Moon ordered showing of ‘The Whistleblower’
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened a panel discussion on sexual exploitation and abuse in conflict and post-conflict situations following a screening of “The Whistleblower,” Larysa Kondracki’s 2011 film about human trafficking and forced prostitution in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the late 1990s.
Ms. Kondracki, the film’s writer and director, joined senior United Nations officials in the panel discussion, which aimed at focusing attention on the Organization’s efforts to combat sexual exploitation of women and children in conflict and post-conflict situations

Larysa Kondracki: I am a Ukrainian Canadian, and the issue of sex-trafficking was very much being discussed in my community. My mother handed me a book, and I was very much drawn to the subject. But it was when I read about Kathy's story that I was blown away by how widespread a crime this was. The corruption and cover-up within the UN, US State Department and other international governments was stupefying.
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