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Oct 6: In The Fabric Room (Thanksgiving)

Gabe Da Costa, Sparks
World Poetry Richmond: 
In the Fabric Room (Thanksgiving)
2:30 to 4:40 pm, Saturday Oct 6

Joanne Arnott, Alan Girling
Feature poet: Hari Alluri
Skype poet:David S. Maduli
Workshop: Hari Alluri on Collaborations

Second feature poet: Sherry Sakamoto
Youth poet feature: Gabe Da Costa
Poet bio: Selene Bertelsen on Chaucer
Dream poem: Ariadne Sawyer (for Vera)


hari malagayo alluri was going to send in a bio, but then jackal ate its dead flesh and all he had left was his name and this skeleton.
(2) a bio based on collaboration...
co-labour-ation / cinder block poets, las dos brujas, los migrantesno one is illegal, press release poetry collective, rain zinevona, vonafied.

Stahz Grandson & lyricist of  Los Migrantes, Hari believes in movement and craft. Arriving in South Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory since the age of 12, he works at poetry, community, facilitation and filmmaking. A visual artist, his work forms a part of a group show this month at Kafka's.

David S. Maduli is a lifelong writer, veteran public school teacher, active working deejay and father. A San Francisco native based in Oakland, he is the winner of the 2011 Joy Harjo Poetry Prize. He is learning fatherhood, poetry, and how to shape wind.

Hari and David have been working together since VONA 2010. They are founding members of the Cinder Block Poets.

Sherry Sakamoto is a life long resident of Richmond, growing up along the South Dyke of Steveston where her father worked as a boat builder and commercial fisherman and her mother was employed in the fish canneries.
Being the youngest of six children, she found it difficult to find her voice and share her ideas, so she developed other forms of creative expression.
Sherry enjoys making terry-sock handpuppets. Most of them are created for people she admires such as environmentalist David Suzuki and musician, Joe Satriani. Each puppet resembles their human’s likeness and is adorned with interesting props. Joe’s puppet, complete with rock guitar, has been featured in one of his music videos.
Vancouver History ~ April 1989
Somehow, getting older has a way of breaking down walls of silence, so in 1989, Sherry took the plunge, entered the “Name The Park” contest, and surprisingly, won with her entry of Pacific Spirit Park.

In 2009, Sherry blogged and shared videos of her organic gardening season for the David Suzuki Digs My Garden Contest; one of three winners from across Canada.

April 2012 was National Poetry Month. Sherry decided that it was “now or never” so she wrote a poem-a-day for 57 days. She is realizing that words do literally take her places, so here she is!

GABE DA COSTA Richmond-based youth poet, painter & musician, performing locally with a few bands,  The booonies, SYD, + Gabe Da Costa & the Needles. Two of his paintings are featured on this page, above and below
 (source: The Cosmic Youth)

Laying low upon vivid hues of blossoms.
The feast of shadow and sun lay silently feasting our eyes.
The harvest of our golden light.
Wind whispers white blossoms and touches my skin,
Oh what a kiss!
Sweet Fragrances it carries.
The mind is a garden,
The most beautiful of all.
Let it grow
(source/more poetry & lyric


Poet Profile: Geoffrey Chaucer
Selene Bertelsen 

World Poetry co-founder:
Ariadne Sawyer


Alan Girling + Joanne Arnott

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World Poetry Richmond meets on the 1st Saturday of each month, 2:30-4:40 pm. 
In the Fabric Room, second floor, Richmond Cultural Centre, 100~ 7000 Minoru Gate, Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, BC. Featured poets, poet profile, World Poetry Youth Team, workshops, open mike. $2 each to pay for the room. (Richmond Registered Arts Group) More info:  604-526-4729 


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Joanne Arnott said...

My thanks to Sherry, Hari, Gabe, and all the poets who came together in the fabric room yesterday: it was a positive and intimate gathering. I came away pleased and full, centered in the wonder of life's collaborations.

David & Selene, you were missed! Family calls! We look forward to hearing from you both, on another day, when family is quiet, and poetry calls louder!

all best,