Wednesday, 14 November 2012

balance : synthesis

climbing over one another the slip of skin on skin the pile of people
from a distance we appear to be an earthwork a naturally occurring formation
distant beauty
distant eyes
I remember the small ones
climbing across my skin seeking warmth and nourishing of
the larger one
the milky one
beyond the particular the foment of the collective our stories piling up
stories of death piling up
over the bridges piling up
temporally adrift
loose in the body of the world

joanne arnott
14 nov 2012

I was reading along backward through time on Renee Saklikar's thecanadaproject when i came across this bit of overlooked news:
two hundred and fifty people
fifty years of silence 

the throwing of people off bridges links
to a story a singer told me, walking along under the burrard bridge
a sudden death watch, a stranger arrived from above

which reminded me of a story an actress told me
of waiting to cross commercial drive
a dying stranger reaching out

against the intimacies of death i have
the intimacies of birth
i place them side by side

alongside the body of my grandmother
and of my father
slow and not sudden intimacies of parting


I Am The Russian Queen said...

this morning's work
this site
"balance : synthesis"
& will read it

thank you for connecting to

Joanne Arnott said...

& thank you, m'lady!

Susan L Greig said...

Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Métis writer/blogger and let you know I've added your blog's link to my blog at:

Joanne Arnott said...

Thank you Susan-- let me return the favour. Your blog looks really fine!