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Daniel David Moses, Largeness of Light

Published on 23 Sep 2012 by
Author Daniel David Moses recites three poems from his new collection A Small Essay on the The Largeness of Light and Other Poems

Published on 23 Sep 2012 by
This imaginative, illuminating and delightful feast of poems explores nature, mythology, perception, desire, youth, aging and the self -- often aboriginal -- through thoughtful, passionate and meticulously crafted portraits, lyrics, satires, and meditations.

Exile Editions 2012
cd with David DeLeary 2011
Dedicated to the memory of his father, the eleven poems explore memories of his growing up with the Grand River, which flows through the Six Nations Territory, always in the background or foreground. Moses reads this selection of lyrical poems backed by the original contemporary classical compositions of David DeLeary, better known for his work with Seventh Fire and Jacques and the Shakey Boys.
The CD features stunning cover art based on paintings by Shelley Niro. The collection insert includes the texts of the recorded poems plus a bonus poem not included on the recording, Questions From A Canoe. The CD is distributed by Exile Editions.

“The only poet I knew about growing up,” Moses admits, “was Emily Pauline Johnson. We could almost see her house from our porch. … Her most famous poem, still, is The Song My Paddles Sings, so maybe this project is also a nod in her direction.”

Exile Editions 2000

Fifth House 1990

blewointmentpress 1980, Nightwood Editions 1992




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