Monday, 5 November 2012

Randy Lundy, his new book

Update 2 June 2016:
 Rivers Are Creatures, Too: An Interview With Randy Lundy, Event Magazine blog

Randy Lundy is such a fine poet. Like many, I have been waiting for his new book, whilst continuing to enjoy and share around his two published books of poetry. Where is his book of collected essays and talks? Where the new poetry?

the trees are spirits (excerpt)
the trees are spirits
answering the call

wind and moonrise
conjuring from absence

these slow-swaying figures

and you too hear the call
come wandering

your belly-roots embracing
stone-heavy words

your throat
a slender flute carved from bone
(c) Randy Lundy

Here are a few of the anthologies where his poetry & essays can be found, listed in no particular order: the above excerpt is from Manitowapow (top anthology image):

Here is a space for his long-awaited, nexttext:


2016, from Hagios Press: 


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