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well-spoken: Tomson Highway

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Tomson Highway ideaCity05 Part 1

 Taansi, nimiss, (Welcome, sister)
Taansi, nistees (Welcome, brother)
Taansi! Kwayus (Welcome, how much...)
Nimithweetheeteen (I like the fact that...)
Eepeetootee-eek (You've come)

The words are in Cree, sung in a throaty alto that resonates with knowing warmth.

Anooch kaatipskaak (Tonight)
Tanagaamooyaak (We're gonna sing)
Taachimoostaatooyaak igwa meena (We're gonna tell each other stories and, as well...)
Tapaapiyaak, taneemee-itooyaak (We're gonna laugh, we're gonna dance)
Aastumik nitooteemuk, aastumik, hey! (So come, my friends, come, hey!)

The song title translates to "Hey Big Sister!" and is part of playwright and novelist Tomson Highway's newest creation, Kisageetin: A Cabaret.
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Kisaageetin Means I Love You + More
Patricia Cano, Tomson Highway
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"He was born the 11th of 12 children on the 6th of December, 1951 in a snow bank. That is to say, he was born in a tent pitched in a snow bank (in one awful hurry!) on an island in a lake in the remotest reaches of northwestern Manitoba where it meets the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and what, since 1999, has been called Nunavut. His caribou-hunting family traversing the tundra, as always in those days, by dogsled, this lake – called Maria (pronounced "Ma-rye-ah") – is situated some 200 kilometres north of the Indian reserve (Barren Lands) to which he belongs, the village for which is called Brochet ("Bro-shay"). He grew up NOT on the reserve, however, but rather in the spectacularly beautiful natural landscape that is Canada's sub-Arctic, an un-peopled region of hundreds of lakes, endless forests of spruce and pine, and great herds of caribou. Today (as for the past eleven years), he divides his year equally between, in summer, a cottage on a lake in the heart of Ojibway (and French) Ontario just south of Sudbury (from whence hails his partner of 25 years) and, in winter, a seaside apartment i/n the south of France. At both of these locales -- i.e. Canada and France -- he is currently hard at work on his second and, as yet, untitled novel."
~Tomson Highway

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Tomson Highway, renowned aboriginal playwright, composer and pianist... Kisageetin: A Cabaret.


Rockburn Presents

Tomson Highway  

cpac interview  28:31 min  follow link to listen


Three Spirited
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Playwright Tomson Highway explains the meaning of love to "Adrian" (Daniel MacIvor).

Written and Performed by Tomson Highway
with Daniel MacIvor and Billy Merasty
Produced and Directed by Nik Sheehan
Camera: Harald Bachmann
Editing: Caroline Christie
Music: Tomson Highway


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Tomson Highway ideaCity05 Part 2

One of the founding members of The Committee to Re-Establish Trickster, alongside Daniel David Moses and Lenore Keeshig-Tobias, Tomson has had a profound effect on contemporary Canadian literature.

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