Thursday, 6 December 2012

birdlife: seasons greetings

Suzuki Harunobu (Japanese, 1725–1770)

I'm beginning to receive those seasonal greetings, and thinking about what to make to share as a card this year, both physical card and an email greet. Usually I enjoy featuring a visual artist (Aaron Paquette, Chris Bose, Christi Belcourt have all said "yes" in previous years), but this year, I am thinking about the birds. I would like to feature the birds this year.

Snow Geese are flourishing, which leads farmers, cities and airport advisors to start calling for a cull: decided against this year, but, the intolerance of some, the inability to co-exist peacefully with any who don't have a cash-in-hand value, is really discouraging.

Snowy owls appear to be suffering, our joy in having the visits increase only modified by the high death rates, once they've arrived. 

Suzuki Harunobi's image (Crow and Heron) is in the running, alongside the snow geese and the snowy owls depicted by local photographers of all kinds. Perhaps in it's concentrated way, it says as much as all the photographs together might say: we are all connected, urban pleasure districts and wild birds rise and fall together.

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