Saturday, 19 January 2013

grassroots + grassfires: Marie-Micheline Hamelin

"This place I am in is called The En’owkin Centre…I won a 3 year scholarship to go there where once I used to till the land as a country girl, but this time around, I learned to become of the land….

Marie-Micheline Hamelin 2009

This piece is called Bitter-Root Woman….I am honored that the En’owkin Center kept this piece, it is a collaboration of myself and Bernice Morin…she formed the paper-mache and I created and painted the rest… was a lot of fun….I learned that the bitter-root itself is very bitter, in the same token, very healthy for the one’s vitality, and also very dangerous after it has flowered….

I have used: birch bark, found objects, plaster of paris, and acrylic paint" 

Marie-Micheline Hamelin
9 feb 2009

from the mailbag:
m: i am presently growing moringa tree, had a few leaves, very peppery tasting...on the slight hot side of things, love it...another name for it is horseradish tree..... still struggling to create....only inspiration is IDLE NO MORE....should get a group together to write and to create 
j: absolutely!!!

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