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Beau Dick, Journeys of Today

The Ghost Con-fined to the Chair, 2012, 31“x13”x19”, chair, carving, documents, feathers


Family travelling on Idle No More journey from Alert Bay to legislative building 

By Contributed - Comox Valley Record
Published: February 01, 2013 3:00 PM     In the spirit of cultural preservation, Beau Dick and his family will embark this weekend on an Idle No More journey from their home on the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the legislature building in Victoria.

There, a copper-cutting ceremony will take place, symbolically breaking the chains that bind us, freeing our hands so that we may create a better future for our children. No matter age, race or location — each one of us has a part to play and only together we shall rise as one.

The family begins the trip Saturday in Alert Bay, overnighting in Campbell River. They will stay in Comox on Saturday night, proceeding through Qualicum, Nanaimo, Chemainus and Duncan before arriving Feb. 10 at the legislature.

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U'mista: Broken Coppers
T̕łakwa "Copper" 

Broken Coppers

The information on the Copper is from a letter written on April 16th, 1919 by a man named Wawip̓igesuwe’ on behalf of the ‘Namgis First Nation, petitioning the anti-potlatch law. The portion referring to the importance of the copper in our culture is as written:  


vid1  Beau Dick - Maker of Monsters LaTiesha Fazakas·Published on 14 Jul 2012
This film, in production, is a full-length documentary about the remarkable artist Beau Dick, produced by Natalia Tudge and LaTiesha Fazakas  FULL ARTICLE

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