Friday, 15 February 2013

Jesus Piñata

After spending some hours in the annual Valentine's Day Sweatshop, supervising small children who labour late into the night over many small pieces of card and their classmates' names, I chose the above for my own Valentine's Day share. 

The top image I found whilst following a link sent by my favourite 17 year old correspondent, and the lower image my young daughter chose as a possible (one of four) to share with her friends. 

It didn't make her final cut, however, it went very well with the upper image, made by "McBeefy" and available on The colour and content seemed to call out to one another. I felt inspired.

Here's the vision:

Jesus Piñata

Jesu: Look, I have an owie!
Three plebes, looking interested/concerned: Gosh, oh yeah
Plebe in the forefront, sticking his finger in: Well, look at this!?
The narrator chimes in, saying something about all the good that comes from our apparent woundedness, if we only look closer/with a friend
Then the candy drips into a pool that mysteriously, some may say miraculously, forms a sacred heart upon the floor... 

Here's another charming Valentine's Day share.

When I lived with my family in the old convent on the outskirts of town, back in the earliest sixties, i learned the names of two flowers. These were available in our yard, perhaps the previously resident nuns loved them. Rare and striking was the tiger lily. Delicate, religious, and available in profusion, the bleeding heart.

Petals in Prose: Ask The Flower Fanatics website

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