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Steven McCabe, synonymous geography

 another poem appears in painterly translation 

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"I like to explore that space where text and image intersect. 
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an artist of Tehran:
Shirin Pilehvari, Look


flightpath is a cross-cultural collaboration between poet, painter & filmmaker Steven McCabe (Toronto, Canada) and painter Shirin Pilehvari (Tehran, Iran). 

The film juxtaposes McCabe's poetry with Pilehvari's artwork, enveloped within the imagery of the Canadian Niagara Escarpment, creating a synonymous geography of word and image. 

12 minutes


a film by Steven McCabe
cinematography Eric Gerard
paintings Shirin Pilehvari
poetry Steven McCabe
music William Beauvais & Barry Prophet
editor Konrad Skręta
English narration Steven McCabe & Tanya Nanavati
Persian translation & narration Abdolreza Moghadam
storyboard Steven McCabe & Tanya Nanavati
poetry editor Tanya Nanavati
artwork photography Shirin Pilehvari
Turkish Delight performed and co-composed by William Beauvais and Barry Prophet (Available on William Beauvais CD Invisible Cities)

flightpath c 2010 Steven McCabe

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