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welcoming women

Matsue ~ 松栄
Turner: A Miscarriage of Justice?

In the early years of the 20th century, spinster sisters 
Gwendoline and Margaret Davies 
spent much of their vast fortune 
buying the cream of European art 
as a gift to the people 
of Wales. 

When Gwendoline died in 1951, 
all the paintings in her collection were 
bequeathed to the National Museum of Wales. 

Amongst the works most proudly displayed 
were many by JMW Turner, perhaps 
the nation's best loved artist. 

These paintings were the pinnacle of the sisters' 
collection, carefully selected and 
greatly valued.

Yet within months 
of this extraordinary act of generosity, 
the authenticity of the paintings
was thrown into doubt 
by art world experts who branded them 

These prized exhibits 
were deemed
'unfit to hang on the gallery's walls'. 

For more than half a century 
a cloud has hung over 
three of the landscapes, 
said by experts 
to be a hand other than Turner's. But 
Philip believes 
this may be 
a miscarriage of justice. 

As Philip and Fiona investigate, 
they enter a murky world 
as they discover the paintings 
are connected to 
Turner's secret lover.

Fake or Fortune, Episode 2 of 3 BBC
 (source for text + painted image, bottom)

Nicholas Pyke's perspicacious review 
(source for sketch)

Top image
"(ca. 1935)
The geisha Matsue (松栄) who was Kawabata's
model for Komako. Matsue, by the way, 
lived to the age of 99. 
Her original name was Kodaka (小高キク)."

memory versus forgetfulness 
(knowing or not knowing)

Japanese, Matsu   松 (pine)
Chinese, 媽祖 (Mother-Ancestor)

J. M.W. Turner, Beaconlight

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