Monday, 18 March 2013

canadian winter in black & white

Columpa Bobb, Ice

Michelle Sylliboy,
Idle No More (Peace Arch)
Columpa Bobb's photograph of ice under the bridge was taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she lives. This photo was taken by special request: we had some powerful stories involving the river, and invited Columpa to provide a visual anchor.  

The photo by Michelle Sylliboy was taken at the Idle No More gathering at the Peace Arch border crossing (Canada-USA), a west coast gathering organized by the Indigenous Action Movement in January 2013.

Two images of Canadian winter in b&w.

These photos were originally published in Rice Paper Magazine 17.3/17.4 - Special Double Issue: Aboriginal & Asian Canadian Writers-- "our first ever special double issue"!

Copyright of the images remains with the artists; my thanks for permission to share them here.

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