Friday, 1 March 2013

Feelings of the Heart + Drawuary

feelings of the heart
Proma + Didi

WHAT:  Inviting all to gather together for an evening.
To write together.  Independently and collaboratively.
To read and perform our works to and with one another.
To sing.  To speak.  To share.  To build stronger friendships.
WHERE:  Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver ~ Coast Salish Territories
WHEN:  Saturday, March 23, 2013, 5:30-8:30pm (doors open at 5pm)
Food will be served.  Bus Tickets Provided.  Everyone Welcome!
Facilitated by Joanne Arnott, Ghia Aweida, and Proma Tagore.

Gallery Gachet presents
Jonny Peterson

Curated by Gabrielle Hill
March 8th – April 7th, 2013
Opening night: Friday March 8th, 7 – 11pm
Vancouver, BC, This February eighteen artists converge for the fourth annual Drawuary, a project in which each contributing artist makes a drawing a day for the entire month of February. Drawuary is an exercise in limitations, abundance, ambitions, failure, and success.
Evan Sabourin, participating in the event for the 3rd time states: “the most challenging thing about participating in Drawuary isn’t the daily discipline, it’s being accepting of what the end results are. I might aspire stylistically to draw a certain way but over the 28 day period there is no faking it, no dekeing out either.”
Drawuary is a drawing project for everyone: outsiders and insiders; obsessive and compulsive drawers; developing and hesitant new drawers. However, as curator Gabrielle Hill explains: “while the artists this year come from a wide array of arts backgrounds, they share in common a drawing practice that thrives outside of elite arts institutions.”
Some of the participants create and exhibit their work in photocopied zines and comics, like Jonny Peterson, or on punk flyers, like Vancouver musician and artist Legs. Some work in Aboriginal friendship centres or artist-run collectives, like Jeska Slater, Bernadine Fox, and Quin Martins. Others, including Peter Morin and Spencer Keeton Cunningham, exhibit extensively in galleries, yet maintain alternative practices painting alley murals or beading with youth.
This year’s Drawuary artists include Ron Solonas, Jonny Peterson, Aaron Rossner, Morag Kydd, Legs, Peter Morin, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Evan Sabourin, Jeska Slater, Brennan Kelly, Gabe Hill, Jesse Corcoran, Chloe Gammon, Nizhoni Ellenwood, Syvia Munson, Bernadine Fox, Luey Mcquaid and Quin Martins.
Drawuary will culminate in an ambitious exhibition of each and every drawing made during the month. Always impressive in scope and scale, this year’s exhibit will feature close to 500 drawings by some truly awesome and driven emerging, underground artists. Drawuary: Not A Day Goes By opens at Gallery Gachet March 8th, 2013 and runs until April 7th.
For more information, please contact Curator, Gabrielle Hill 

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